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United Nations World Youth Summit Award for

Friends 2 Support is WSYA Runner-up 2009 and only winner from India in any category

Guntur-based Friends To Support Organisation (F2S) maintaining an online database of voluntary blood donors through the website, has received yet another United Nations award for its work on improving the awareness on health issues in the society using Internet. This award will be presented to Mr. Sk.K. Shareef, one of the founders of the organisation at Monterrey, in Mexico during the United Nations Global Forum on ICT and Development and WSA Winners Celebrations from September 2 to 4, 2009.

The F2S has been adjudged runner-up in Category 1: Fight Hunger, Poverty & Disease! and is the only Indian entry to win an award this year from among 600 entries screened by the 20-member United Nations awards committee. The winners' list is available on , website. The organisers have invited Mr. Shareef to Mexico at their expense to receive the award and be part of their celebrations.

The had won the United Nations Development Project and Department of Information Technology-sponsored `Manthan Award - 2007' a National Award for using digital information for development of society. We were also shortlisted among the top 12 entrants for the NASSCOM Award the second annual flagship event of NASSCOM Foundation held on 15 February 2008 at Hotel Grand Hyatt in Mumbai. The NASSCOM Foundation Forum was held in conjunction with the NASSCOM Leadership Forum aiming to provide a platform for the key innovators and leaders who had impacted social development in the country.  

What is this WSYA Award?: Young People act on United Nations Millennium Goals using Internet Content. The World Summit Youth Award (WSYA) is the global contest for online or mobile initiatives to raise awareness and help resolve the most pressing global issues. The World Summit Youth Award showcases the project as one by young developers and serves as a platform for people from all UN member states to work together on the efforts of reaching the Millennium Development Goals!

The rewards are global recognition within the United Nations, invitations to the WSYA Winners events in Mexico and networking contacts on a global scale. Those who rely on the web for creating culture, overcoming gender inequality, lack of education and access to clean water or to address hunger, poverty, disease and environmental degradation, were asked to take part in this contest.

The winners will showcase their projects to government and business leaders, representatives of civil society and the international community. All the 612 projects were evaluated in a three-round judging process by an international jury of 20 experts in the fields of youth engagement, new media and social entrepreneurship. 

The Winners were:


  • - "Lil' MDGs: Kids making Changes" by Dylan Mahalingam (13) and Pooja Dharan (11), USA
  • - "Remote Patient Monitoring System" by Tanwani Ajay Kumar (22), Pakistan
  • - "Mobile Doctor" by Andreas Jakl (27), Austria

 Also among the Top 5 are the Runner-Ups...

- "mPedigree" by Ashifi Gogo (28), Ghana

- "Friendstosupport Organisation" by Shaik Shareef (28), India

"Runner-up means that we determine your project as another outstanding entry in the WSYA 2009 and would therefore like to give you the opportunity to take part in the WSYA Events in Monterey, Mexico from September 2 to 4, 2009," said the organisers.

Together with the local host organisation, Indigo Brainmedia, we are organizing a series of interesting workshops, conferences and networking events, where you will have a chance to showcase your project, meet other WSYA participants as well as some of the jurors, and participate in the sessions of the WSA Winners Conference as well as the UN GAID Global Forum.

Winners in Other categories:


  • - "Everything on HIV and AIDS in Iran" by Morteza Moshir Sinaei (23), Iran
  • - "Alternatives: Findin New Possibilities for Youth" by Sanjeev Raj Neupane (25), Nepal
  • - "Voices of Africa for Sustainable Development" by Crystal Kigoni (30), Kenya

The Runner-Ups in this category are...

- "Youthinfo" by Antoaneta Ivanova (30), Macedonia

- "Shilpa Sayura Project" by Dhanajaya Subash (26), Sri Lanka

Category 3: POWER 2 WOMEN!

  • - "Dokhtiran: e-Magazine on Women's Rights" by Gholamzadeh Hamid Reza (27), Iran
  • - "The Sisters 4 Peace Network" by Sejal Hathi (17), USA
  • - "Empower Women and Meet Millennium Challenges" by George Onyango (29), Kenya

The Power 2 Women Runner-Up is...

- "Yemeni Feminist Activists" by Amal Al-Ashtal (23), Yemen


  • - "Roots & Routes TV" by Aileen Wessely (22), Germany
  • - "Savvy Chavvy" by Christy McAleese (26), Great Britain
  • - "The Extraordinaries" by Jacob Colker (25), USA

Another three Runner-Ups (equaly graded) are...

- "Strengthening Networks in Turkey :Young Human Network" by Basak Saral (28), Turkey

- "Youth Culture Portal HC.LV" by Deniss Fedotovs (30), Latvia

- "Facebook Application 'Intercultural'"  by Stephan Hamberger (21), Austria

Category 5: GO GREEN!

  • - "Sewer Tourism" by Andrew Mutua (19), Kenya
  • - "Greenlighted" by Vladimir Dubovskiy (22), USA
  • - "Guardian of Eden" by Ricardo Quirante Martinez (21), Netherlands

The three Runner-Ups (equaly graded) in this category are...

 - "Effects of Climate Change on the Environment" by Abe Fergusson (18), Trinidad & Tobago

- "MRP Green Project" by Jessie James Marcellones (22), Philippines

- "Green Bulgaria" by Julian Kuntorov (14), Bulgaria

Team Friends To Support
Good team work, active public participation has blessed the organisation.


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