Saturday, August 18, 2007

Vijayawada 10 K Walk

Walk for a cause

VIJAYAWADA: Launching a massive campaign to encourage voluntary blood donation, members of the ‘Friends2support’ group participated in a 10K Walk in the city on Wednesday.
The group was launched by a few youngsters to maintain a directory of voluntary blood donors on the website, with their blood groups and addresses. The walk was aimed at enrolling more individuals as blood donors.

Mayor Mallika Begum inaugurated the walk at Dhanekula (Aahwanam) Kalyana Mandapam at Ashok Nagar on Mahatma Gandhi Road and walked till NTR Circle, Patamata. Several individuals of varied professional backgrounds participated in the walk, which proceeded touching Nirmala Convent, Ramesh Hospital, Sikhamani Centre, Veterinary Hospital and Benz Circle, before culminating at Krishnaveni Talent School. Sporting white-coloured T-shirts with slogans in favour of voluntary blood donation inscribed on them, participants of the walk attracted passers-by with their slogans.

College students joined the walk at NTR Circle and Ramesh Hospital. Launched by five IT professionals, the group already conducted a 10k Walk in Guntur in November, and since then been launching campaigns in different forms now and then. One could click the website to get the details of blood donors during any exigency. Those interested to donate their blood to the needy could register their details with the website.

The walk culminated at Krishnaveni Talent School near Benz Circle, where free blood grouping was done for the participants.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Vijayawada Campaign Photos

VIJAYAWADA: The ‘’, an organisation and a website launched by a group of like-minded students and social activists, organised a signature campaign in support of blood donation here on Thursday as part of a State-wide exercise to rope in more number of voluntary blood donors. Scores of inspired students pursuing engineering and other courses in various institutions in the city enthusiastically appended their signatures on a huge banner displayed at Aahwanam Kalyana Mandapam at Kanuru, signalling their willingness to join the campaign.
Dignitaries who turned up on the occasion vowed their full support to the cause, while some advised the organisers to spread information on the safety aspect also. They cautioned the organisers that after visiting the website, some donors might respond directly to the pleas of individuals without going through authorised blood banks run by the likes of the Rotary and the Red Cross.
The website designed to provide “anywhere and anytime information” on blood donors kicked off the signature campaign with a view to enlisting a greater number of donors from the young generation and all sections of society. “Each one save one is our motto,” said J. Hemantha, a B.Tech final year student.
A yearning to save lives brought together Ms. Hemantha and scores of other engineering students in and around the city to become part of the activities of the new organisation that works mainly through its website.
Under its banner, the signature campaign was launched in Hyderabad in the presence of cricketer Mythali Raj. In Vijayawada, the event saw the presence of some notable faces of the city. “We are with you,” announced City Police Commissioner C.V. Anand when students asked him to say a few words about his impression of the campaign. Goaded further by students’ pleas, Mr. Anand wrote “VR with U” on the banner that brought cheer all around.
G.V. Rama Rao, secretary of the Rotary Red Cross Blood Bank at Gandhinagar, said that their support was provided by offering services in blood grouping of prospective donors.
He said it would be safe to donate blood through authorised blood banks, as they would have good facilities to test blood for Hepatitis B and other diseases.
Former MP Gadde Rammohan, MLC Ch. Vara Prasad and other dignitaries lauded the students’ efforts and pledged their support.
Mr. Prasad administered a ‘Seva Pratigna’ to students, calling upon them to show commitment and honesty in the activities of ‘friends2support’ organisation.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

World Blood Donors' Day

The World Blood donation day June 14th.The World Blood donation day June 14th.The first blood transfusion was found in the year 1616 between dogs. But his finding was ignored. The Christian mission banned this till 1678. After 150 years A mother had blood transfusion for the first time in the year 1818.Dr. Karllmans performed the blood transfusion. His birthday falls on 14th June. A Chemist form Russell of Brazil found that the addition of sodium citrate to the blood can keep the blood intact and the Donor was not specially need at the time of blood transfusion. This helped preserve blood in the blood bank. The first blood bank began at Lelengrade in the year 1939 and R.H factors were also discovered. Mr. Mowrise Graze aged 78 years now has been donating blood since 1944 since 18 years of age. He has been donating blood till now at an interval of 56 days (Donated blood 350 times).We shall now continue to Save life and celebrate this day in remembrance of these Noble Hearts.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Vijayawada Signature Campaign

Signature campaignThe Friends2support, an organisation in promotion of onlinefacilitation of blood donation, will organise a signature campaign atVR Siddhartha Engineering College on July 12 from 9 a.m, according to organiser K.V. Hari Krishna.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Good response to Signature Campaign

Hi all,

The 10-meter cloth banner on which Indian Women's Cricket Captain Mithali Raj launched the `Signature Campaign' for promoting voluntary blood donation on behalf of was brought to Guntur on Sunday, July 1.

The banner signed by Transport Minister Kanna Lakshmi Narayana, Mithali Raj, and Khairatabad MLA P. Janardhana Reddy and a host of VIP guests at Hyderabad Press Club along with people moving on the main road on May 26, was put up for collecting signatures of people in Brodipet 2 nd Lane 7th Cross in Guntur on Sunday.

Large number of people stopped proceeding to holiday/picnic/tourist destinations stopped for a while and signed on the banner and expressed their solidarity with the cause. More than 200 people signed on the banner within two and a half hours in the afternoon and out of them 110 persons registered online as voluntary blood donors.

Member of Legislative Council from Guntur Teachers' Constituency K.S. Lakshman Rao, Communist Party of India (Marxist) MLA and Floor Leader in State Assembly Nomula Narasimhaiah, party district unit secretary D. Rama Devi, Guntur Mandal Revenue Officer Ravindra were among the first to sign on the banner shared by Mithali Raj.

Service Health Organisation director Dr. T. Seva Kumar conducted a free blood grouping camp engaging laboratory technicians and sponsoring entire kit for testing 75 persons. An identity cards were given to all 75 persons with F2S logo and their blood group on one side and site address and toll-free no.0863-2351725 on the other.

Students came in large numbers bringing their friends to register themselves as donors. The F2S volunteers V. Rajagopala Sarma, Mani Kumar and KP took the initiative of registering the people online and organizing entire event. The identity cards were provided by K.P. Babu Computers as his gesture towards the cause.

The toll-free No. 0863-2351725 telephonic counselors/operators N.S.V. Satyanarayana and Srilakshmi need special appreciation for their dedicated participation the programme.

The valuable banner is being sent to Vijayawada where it will be displayed in Sidhartha College where the F2S team led by Hari Krishna will continue this `Signature Campaign' on coming Thursday on the College premises. A 10-meter new banner has been attached to the valuable banner with signatures of the `Voluntary Donors', without whom reaching out to the needy is very difficult. Support Mr. Krishna garu (APTECH) is lending silently cannot missed.

This banner will travel as many cities and towns in Andhra Pradesh and other states as possible to garner support for the cause and encourage people to register themselves as donors online.


Please click the link:

TEAM F2S: Ramesh Susarla

Friday, June 29, 2007

Signature Campaign

Hi all,

We at Guntur will continue the Signature Campaign for Voluntary Blood donation on July 1 at 3 p.m. The campaign launched by Indian Women Cricket Captain Mithali Raj at Press Club Hyderabad on May 26 on behalf of will continue here at 2/7, Brodipet, (Near CPI-M Office). The 10-metre banner would be put on the main road and people asked to sign on it.

A blood grouping camp will be organised and identity cards given to those registering as donors on the website.

All those in Guntur may join the campaign and tell their friends about it. This campaign will then move to Vijayawada, where P.B. Siddhartha College students will continue the signature campaign in their college.

Ramesh Susarla

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Search for Blood ends at

Hi all it has been fun organising several campaigns throughout Andhra Pradesh to promote Voluntary Blood Donation. Come Visit, see what we do here and join hands with our team of dedicated volunteers to make your place/town a better place to live where searching blood becomes a cakewalk and not tight-rope walk in case of emergency.