Saturday, June 13, 2009

What do U think ..?

Dear friends . ......,
I am uday , 19, a third year student . As we flip through the history of friends2support , we can realize that we used to have a student branch for our organization , but it has been disintegrated. I firmly believe we need to have a student wing which should add a new dimension and bring in young blood into our organization.
As an initiation i would be happy to collect and unite all the students working for the organization already create a firm base. We can then also bring in our friends who are students in various institutes all across the nation and even abroad .
For e.g . I hail from guntur , but i have friends who are interested to join hands with such non-profit organizations as ours hailing from various places ranging from , hyderabad to dubai . Its only an idea but if everyone takes a step together , then we can realized a student branch pretty shortly .
I await suggestions from u all , friends .