Saturday, August 18, 2007

Vijayawada 10 K Walk

Walk for a cause

VIJAYAWADA: Launching a massive campaign to encourage voluntary blood donation, members of the ‘Friends2support’ group participated in a 10K Walk in the city on Wednesday.
The group was launched by a few youngsters to maintain a directory of voluntary blood donors on the website, with their blood groups and addresses. The walk was aimed at enrolling more individuals as blood donors.

Mayor Mallika Begum inaugurated the walk at Dhanekula (Aahwanam) Kalyana Mandapam at Ashok Nagar on Mahatma Gandhi Road and walked till NTR Circle, Patamata. Several individuals of varied professional backgrounds participated in the walk, which proceeded touching Nirmala Convent, Ramesh Hospital, Sikhamani Centre, Veterinary Hospital and Benz Circle, before culminating at Krishnaveni Talent School. Sporting white-coloured T-shirts with slogans in favour of voluntary blood donation inscribed on them, participants of the walk attracted passers-by with their slogans.

College students joined the walk at NTR Circle and Ramesh Hospital. Launched by five IT professionals, the group already conducted a 10k Walk in Guntur in November, and since then been launching campaigns in different forms now and then. One could click the website to get the details of blood donors during any exigency. Those interested to donate their blood to the needy could register their details with the website.

The walk culminated at Krishnaveni Talent School near Benz Circle, where free blood grouping was done for the participants.

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